24 bottles of Hand Cleanser Gel 70% Alcohol

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24 bottles of Hand Cleanser Gel 70% Alcohol

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Hand Cleanser Gel (24 - 90ml bottles) (.94 cents/bottle) /Gel nettoyant pour les mains (24 – bouteilles de 90 ml)

Each Case includes 24 - 90ml bottles

This product is a premium Canadian-made product. This product is a gel hand cleanser with 70% alcohol.

As a hand cleanser similar to soap it cleans your hands. Clean your hand before during and after presentations, or during camping, hiking or any other adventure you may be going on.

The product is in a small squeeze tube with a click lid to prevent leaks and ease of use. This allows the hand cleanser gel to be portable without taking too much room.

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Priced at .94 cents + tax per bottle

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Moisturizing alcohol-based hand cleanser gel.


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