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On Sept 30th 2014, the Canadian Public Safety Operations Organization (CanOps) was established as a not-for-profit organization focused on advancing public safety for all Canadians from coast to coast to coast. It was developed to provide a consistent framework of operational supports and governance to advance and deliver effective public safety education, products, programs, and services, while addressing and filling gaps identified by communities, First Nations, first response agencies, and governments of all levels. As we began to grow, it quickly became apparent our organizational structure had the potential to change the face of emergency management across Canada.


Since 2014, CanOps has grown and diversified into several different lines of business, each one committed to advancing Canada’s public safety programs and services. Our lines of business reflect the passion we have for community safety and currently include:

  • The Saskatchewan Provincial Emergency Communications Centre (PECC)
  • Secretariat Services for the National Public Safety Committees
  • Multi-agency Situational Awareness Program (MASAS)
  • The Canadian Public Safety Resource Centre (CPSRC) - including the National Fire Protection Association’s Fire Prevention Week—Canadian Edition

Recently, we have grown the CPSRC line of business to include our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distribution line.
Since the arrival of COVID-19, hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, and gowns have been in scarce supply, with retail stock being sold out within days, and in some cases, hours. With our nations plans to begin gradually re-opening the country, many people are concerned about their safety as they return to the workplace. A full supply of PPE available to employees can help instill the peace of mind needed to start returning to our new normal. It’s CanOps’ goal to make these essential PPE supplies accessible to all who need them, and to do so at a fair price.


As a not-for-profit organization, CanOps is proud and excited to reinvest back into Canadian public safety agencies and our communities. We deliver our products and services with integrity and at a fair price because our priority is public safety, not the bottom line. By choosing to do business with CanOps, you can feel good knowing you’re actively helping us reinvest back into public safety education and prevention programs as well as essential services across the country. You will get the product you need to your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we promise we will make it right.


CanOps is an ever-growing and ever-changing business whose mission it is to provide trusted services and products to our country. We are currently developing plans to once again expand the CPSRC, and to extend our services to include other public safety agencies who are in need of our unique and specialized abilities.


For more information on CanOps, our Board, and what we do, visit
For a quote on any of our available products, including price per carton and shipping, email

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