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Ukraine EMS Coin - Fundraiser

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Celebrate the spirit of service and compassion with our exclusive Ukraine EMS Coin. Meticulously designed and thoughtfully crafted, this coin represents the unwavering dedication of Emergency Medical Services in Ukraine. By acquiring this unique piece, you're not just adding to your collection; you're making a difference. Proceeds from every purchase go directly to supporting Ukraine, aiding those on the front lines of emergency care. Seize the opportunity to be a part of something greater—own the Ukraine EMS Coin and stand in solidarity with those who save lives every day.

Product Description

  • Coins are a 1.75-inch (44mm)
  • unique custom design, with the Canadian and Ukrainian flags intertwined together.
  • 3D image so that the curves on the flag will show a smooth and waving appearance, unlike just a standard 2D image which it would only show a single raised or recessed level. 

Order now while supplies last (limited quantity). 

CanOps is a proud member of the Canadian First Responder International Support Alliance, helping Canadian First Responders support Ukraine First Responders.

Produced with the Generous Support from:

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Ukraine EMS Coin - Fundraiser
Ukraine EMS Coin - Fundraiser

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